The Game Exchange is your chance to share your favorite games with your community. 


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The Friendly neighborhood


the game exchange is a neighborhood program conceived in  the city of winter park, florida.  the children wanted neighbors to share laughter and community.  the game exchange boxes are in convenient locations where anyone can give/take a game to bring home and play with their families and friends.  You can find boxes at the Winter Park Public Library, PHELPS PARK and near central park’s sun rail stop at the winter park train station. 

“IF people spent more time sharing and more time being playful then maybe they would have less ammunition when  looking for each other’s differences.  share with each other.  be with each other.   love winter park!” - Liam Goodowens

additional donation spots to keep the boxes full are located at all Orlando cool stuff games locations.

The  friendly  neighborhood  game  exchange

 search for locations and box contents
 register your own game box on our national map and get an official placard and id #
 Winter Park’s 1st Annual game night at the  wp community center  on  .11/16/16